UltimateDX Molecular Testing Technology

UltimateDx uses top of the line molecular diagnostic techniques that provide accurate and speedy results. Specifically, our facilities use techniques such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to isolate pathogen DNA for diagnostics. Through the use of PCR, we have the capability to identify pathogens that lead to respiratory tract infections with great accuracy. PCR works by breaking down DNA components through rapid heating. Heating DNA samples break down the structure of the DNA, which allows for replication through the use of primers. Our PCR capabilities allow for creating millions of copies of pathogen DNA with incredible speed.
PCR allows for highly selective identification of biomarkers. Using the results from PCR, we can analyze the DNA and compare samples brought into our lab within hours. This allows for the utmost accuracy when identifying respiratory tract infection pathogens, while providing our clients with results faster than any other conventional culturing methods.
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