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Web Portal Login

The web outreach portal is an online web site that laboratory clients may use to place online request orders, view patient results, place supply orders, and more. Using any web browser (Firefox and Google Chrome are highly recommended), type in the URL provided to you by the lab to access your web portal. You will be redirected to a login screen where you will be prompted to enter your user login credentials provided to you by the lab. Enter your login credentials in the “User ID” and “Password” fields, then press the submit icon to log in. Upon logging in to your web portal, the Welcome Screen will display along with the Main Menu bar seen on the left-side portion of the screen (shown above).
User Login
Please refer to the rest of the sections highlighted in this guide for more information on each menu option’s functionality. Please note that depending on your web account’s settings configured by the lab along with the modules purchased, menu availability may vary.

Password Reset

If you need to reset your password, either contact the laboratory to request this password change, otherwise you may reset your password directly from the login screen. To reset your password directly form the web portal, place a checkmark in the “Forgot Password” checkbox. Then, enter your user ID and the email address linked to your web account and press “Send Reset Email”. Next, retrieve the temporary password from your email account, then from the Password Reset dialog box (shown to the right), enter your User ID, temporary password, new password and confirm it, then press “Reset” to finish changing your password.


The Inbox offers a list of recently verified and released results for test orders accessible to the facility/practice listed in your web account. Reports will remain in the Inbox for a maximum of thirty days unless specified otherwise for your web account. Accessions that contain at least one verified result are visible in the Inbox, although different settings can be made possible to control which test status’ type should appear in this menu section. The image below shows a sample view of the Inbox:
The following items are options that are available from the Inbox screen:
  • Remove Selected Reports as Printed: Used to remove a patient from the Inbox to acknowledge that their result has been viewed. Place a check next to the applicable patient report you wish to remove from the Inbox and make this selection. Note that once a report has been removed, it cannot be re-added, unless a test result is changed. Although, result reports can still be accessed from the Search menu even after being removed from the Inbox.
  • Refresh: This button allows the Inbox to be refreshed without logging users out, in contrary to browsers’ refresh button. Note that it may take a few minutes for the Inbox to display newly released reports after results have been finalized by the lab.
  • Report: This drop-down menu is used to filter the Inbox based on a report’s status. Choose from the following options: ALL, COMPLETE, INCOMPLETE, CRITICAL, and ABNORMAL.
  • Facility: Allows you to narrow down a search by facility
  • Sort: Allows you to sort accessions by: Report Date (Descending), or Service Date (Descending).

To print patient reports from the Inbox screen, you may take either of the two following approaches:

  1. Place a checkmark beside the patient name and select “Print selected reports” to print one or more patient reports. This method generates patient report(s) in a separate window tab.
  2. Double-click on a row to view a single patient’s report. A menu bar will display on the upper-left side of the screen similar to the one shown below:
Single Patient Report

The following menu selections will become available (please note in advance that some modules must be purchased separately by the lab in order to become available):

  • Report Types: If multiple report types are available on your web portal, you may use this drop-down to switch between different report types to view various formats of a patient’s report. You may choose between the following report types:
    • Regular Report: Chosen by default when printing a patient report.
    • Cumulative Report: Generates a report of the patient’s previous visits, including the previous dates and ordered test results.
    • Data Format: Offers the ability to graph selected tests.
  • Attachment(s): Allows you to view any attachments added to the patient report.
  • Print: Generate the PDF patient report in a new window tab.
  • The Audit Log: Offers insight on the selected accession’s activity (activated per
    web account).
  • Print-Text: Opens the selected report in text format.
  • Create Ticket: This is a shortcut that allows you to create internal tickets to notify the lab of any problems encountered or concerns you have with your online account.
  • If applicable, press the Close button button to return to the Inbox.

Search Menu

The Search menu offers the ability to look up patient result reports along with detailed test and panel information.

Search Reports

When searching for patient reports, go to: Search > Search Reports, then provide the search criteria from the search screen, as shown below:

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